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nana_icons's Journal

Nana Icons
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This community is for icons for Ai Yazawa's NANA.


&01 Be nice. Don't tell people that their icons suck, even if they do.
&02 You can post other NANA graphics, like colorbars and banners, as long as you're posting icons too.
&03 Icons for other Ai Yazawa works [like Paradise Kiss] are fine, as long as you're posting NANA ones in the same batch.
&04 Basically, if you're posting something related to NANA icons, it's okay.
&05 Requests are fine, but please provide a picture for whoever's filling said request. Don't overload the community with them, though. If your request is filled, don't be super picky; it's not very nice.
&06 Advertisements are annoying, but if you keep whatever image you have no larger than 500x500 and post them very rarely, then that's fine. And, obviously, keep it relevant.
&07 Comment if you're taking any icons and credit if you're using them unless otherwise specified by maker.
&08 If you delete your journal I will remove you from the member's list due to general OCD. Sorry. :x


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